High/Low is an app that is dedicated to your spiritual and emotional well being.

Our mission is to create tools to assist you in your daily life, and to provide an open, authentic community that you can connect with.

Studies have shown that the social media apps of today can lead people into greater anxiety and depression, doing damage to their mental health.

We believe it's possible to have the community you get from a social media app while connecting on a deeper, more authentic level.

With the High/Low app, we provide you with a variety of tools that allow you to express yourself and reflect inwardly, while connecting with a community of others who are doing the same thing.

We also put out weekly content aimed at improving your spiritual and emotional health.

Come join us, and we'll build this community together! We'd love to have you along on this journey!

Why High/Low?

High/Low is different from other social networking apps because, rather than simply providing a way for users to show off the best parts of their lives with each other, it encourages them to be more open and honest.

Our special High/Low format allows people to share the positive things in their circumstances (their highs) while also acknowledging the imperfections of their lives (their lows).

Meet The Team

Caleb Hester

Senior Software Engineer
(Frontend, Backend)

Emma Hester

Graphic Designer
(Logos and promotional content)

Brayden Morris

Software Engineer

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