The day starts. You get dressed, hop in the car and drive to work. You leave at 4 P.M. in the afternoon, then get back in the car and sit through rush hour traffic. You make a quick dinner, get in bed, and catch a few precious hours of sleep before you have to do it all over again... That's just a normal day for a lot of people. It's easy to get into what we call The Eeyore mindset: It's just another gloomy day, after all... But here at High/Low, we believe every day has something special to offer. It just takes a little reflection! High/Low is an app that encourages you to reflect on every day by thinking about your most favorite and your least favorite thing that happened – a.k.a., your “High” and your “Low”. Not only can High/Low help you find meaning in every day, it can also help you to stay engaged with the people you love most. With High/Low, you can follow friends and see their Highs and Lows. You'll get to know them better every day! Take that, Eeyore!

Why High/Low?

High/Low is different from other social networking apps because, rather than simply providing a way for users to show off the best parts of their lives with each other, it encourages them to actually take the time to reflect on their day, and then share the things that mattered - whether good or bad - with others. It’s not just about connecting to others. It’s about connection through reflection.Besides that, we also are not an advertising company, so we’re not collecting your data in order to sell it to the highest bidder. Your data stays right where you put it.

Meet The Team

Caleb Hester

Senior Software Engineer
(Frontend, Backend)

Samuel Bever

Software Engineer, Marketing

Emma Hester

Graphic Designer
(Logos and promotional content)

Brayden Morris

Software Engineer

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